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Law Offices of Patricia Hattersley

Immediate Criminal Defense Attorney Pasadena - Los Angeles


All Juvenile Allegations - Misdemeanor and Felony

Sealing of Juvenile Records

Adjudications of Juvenile Offenses

Juvenile Three Strikes Law

Juvenile Delinquency Court

Juvenile Detention Hearings

Juvenile Disposition Hearings

Juvenile Probation

Pasadena Juvenile Defense Attorney Since 1983

Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer and Former Prosecutor with 30+ Years of Experience

Attorney Patricia Hattersley has been in private practice Since 1983 She has handled hundreds of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanor DUI cases to serious felony matters such as 3-strike cases, sex crimes, and murder cases.

Focusing on Juvenile Crime and Criminal Defense for Los Angeles & Pasadena CA. Attorney Hattersley completed internships in both the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office and in the United States Attorney's Office.

In addition to her extensive criminal trial experience in adult court, Los Angeles - Pasadena Juvenile Defense Attorney Patricia Hattersley also has many years of experience in defending minors in the Juvenile Court system.

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