What is Conviction as a Second Striker?

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Being a second striker means that you have faced one previous conviction, with serious or violent felony charges.Thus, you must have completed your sentence and were released from jail, leading to a second opportunity to commit a crime. Engaging in a felony that attracts a strike record again will open a new trial. If the presiding judge or jury finds you guilty of a second-time offense, you will become a second striker.

 Juvenile Second Striker

Subsequently, the strike law provisions direct the judge to enhance your sentence for the crime in question, to make it double the original penalty set for the conviction. For example, if you are found guilty of extortion, which is a serious felony, you will face eight years in prison, instead of the usual four years in section 518 of the Penal Code. The double sentence arises because of your previous criminal record involving another strike felony, like carjacking or rape. As long as the prosecutor can prove that your criminal record in the prior crime is valid, you will receive a sentence under the strike laws.

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