What is Conviction as a Third Striker?

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Finding yourself on the wrong side of the law for the third time often indicates a lack of concern for the general rule of law, according to most prosecutors seeking to prove that you are guilty of the charges you face. As a third striker, you will have met two previous convictions for violent or serious felonies, which could be any of the listed illegalities above.

If you face charges for a crime that does not fall under the dangerous or violent felony category, but still have a previous two-strike record, you will meet the sentencing guideline availed to a two striker defendant. Consequently, your sentence will be double the usual penalty issued to any person guilty of the crime

 Juvenile Third Striker

California's Three Strikes sentencing law mandates that an individual who has been convicted of three serious or violent felonies receive a sentence of 25 years to life. In juvenile court, a juvenile strike is treated differently than an adult strike. ... If it counts as a third strike, a life sentence may be given.

When you engage in sexual offenses that result in registration as a sex offender as an additional penalty, the judge will consider this a severe violation and move you to the enhanced penalty category. It is immaterial that your offense does not amount to a violent sex crime, as long as registration is mandatory for anyone found guilty of the offense.

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